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MRI, CT, X-Ray appointment in Israel

Fast appointments to MRI, CT, X-Ray in Israel


To schedule an appointment within 24 – 48 hours, fill the request form or give us a call at +972(0)3-374-1889.
You can also visit our office and we’ll be happy to discuss in person how we can help you (see the map).

Get your CT, MRI, X-Ray or Ultrasound fast and without delay, usually within 24-48 hours. We walk you through the process to guarantee maximum convenience (assistance with translation service, paperwork, insurance handling). Our medical assistance comes at no additional cost for you, as we work for the best hospitals, labs and medical clinics in Israel (Tel Aviv area, Jerusalem, Haifa, or the south of Israel).

No weeks of waiting for an appointment, no misunderstandings, no hassle: Thanks to our contacts and network we make sure you are getting the best medical treatment in Israel in the shortest possible time. We handle your case from A-Z and we are with you step by step – free of charge!

FAQ – a few helpful questions and answers.

We work with major medical institutions in Israel to get you the fastest possible appointments, usually within 24-48 hours.

We assist in handling of (international) insurance issues and we make sure the payment process goes smooth and with minimal bureaucratic hassle. In addition, we accept bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard and cash payment methods.

If you have the international health insurance – we will assist to handle the claim issues. In case you have not purchased international health insurance – only the method to cover the medical procedure or medical consultation is direct payment.