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Best Hospitals & Labs

We work with leading hospitals (private and public), labs and clinics and we get your medical appointments the fastest way possible in the best possible environment.

24/7 Service

We provide best service for you and get your required medical procedures in the most up to date proven labs and facilities, within 24-48 hours.

No Extra Fees

Our assistance services are covered by the standard costs of tests and doctor’s visits. We do not charge you extra.

Payment Handling

We help with your insurance claims as well as credit card payments, cash or cheque, for your maximum convenience.

How You’ll Get Help

Step 1 - Assessment

We listen to your medical needs, we ask questions and assist finding the right answers, we show you how we can help – completely free of charge.

Step 2 - Appointment

We work with major medical institutions in Israel to get you the fastest possible appointment (or appointments), usually within 24-48 hours – completely free of charge.

Step 3 - Assistance

We help you navigate the forms and bureaucracy, we are happy to accompany you to your appointment and to translate any results – free of charge.

Step 4 - Reporting and Payment

We assist in handling of (international) insurance issues and we make sure the payment process goes smooth and with minimal bureaucratic hassle. In addition, we accept bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard and cash payment methods.

Get In Touch With Our Team

Patients convenience is our top priority. We provide assistance based on years of medical care experience and close collaboration with best medical specialists, labs, private and public hospitals and clinics in Israel.

What Our Patients Say…

Marion Fairbarns, Executive Assistant to the Ambassador of Canada in Israel

“ As a diplomat in a foreign country, I have had to navigate various countries medical systems. With the help of MedEx, my experience here in Israel has been stress free.

I have recommended to my fellow diplomats, both at my embassy and others, to use their services. I can’t emphasis enough how invaluable their assistance has been. From arranging for appointments, both in times of emergency and not, I have always been satisfied with the quality of doctors, the personal time and attention received, and the helpful attitude of Alex, Paul and Daniel.”

Patricia R, Spinal Surgery

“ I do not like to talk about much on Facebook, but after my recent experience, I felt it was needed and before going any further, Sasha Charny at MedEx thank you for everything you did to help us from the beginning to the end. Prof. Shabat, his team, and everyone that took care of me were great. For the first time after 17 years, I have not had one headache or migraine since the surgery along with other symptoms that have disappeared.” (Read more on Facebook)”

Eliana S, Urgent Medical Procedure

“ I am an American living in Israel, but I do not yet have Israel’s national healthcare. The Israeli medical system can get awfully complicated. About 2 months ago, I was in the midst of a minor medical crisis – but being far away from home, I felt vulnerable and scared. Alex from MedEx met me at the hospital, escorted me to the doctors office, and acted as my interpreter and guide through every step of the process– from payment, diagnosis, test results, and treatment. The stressful experience became so much more manageable knowing that Alex was there for me. I would 100% recommend Alex and MedEx for fast, reliable, and trustworthy medical care for those visiting Israel without citizenship.”

Samuel Sutter

“ If you ever need help getting appointments for any medical test or procedure: the guys at Medex are long-time professionals in the field, they do an amazing job in multiple languages getting fast appointments, translating any documents needed, accompanying patients, and helping with the paperwork. They get paid by the medical provider, so it’s completely free for the patient that holds an insurance policy.”

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