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GP – General Practitioner – Family Doctor

Fast appointments to GP specialists in Israel

GP - General Practitioner - Family Doctor

To schedule an appointment with General Practitioner within 24 – 48 hours, fill the request form or give us a call at +972 (0)3-337-4889. You can also visit our office and we’ll be happy to discuss in person how we can help you (see the map).

A GP is a doctor who is offering preventive care to the patients and also educates them about their health. If the need arises, he can treat the patients for acute or chronic illnesses. He can manage illnesses when they haven’t been diagnosed in their early phases and the approach towards the patients is humanistic, they patients aren’t viewed as a sum of their organs but as persons. The treatments take into consideration their psychological, biological and social backgrounds. The GP’s can recognize different illnesses and they can diagnose them in people with different age and ethnicity.

A GP can have many roles and some of them are:

  • Not-life threatening illnesses treatment;
  • Chronic health problems care;
  • Detection of illnesses and referral to specialists;
  • Education and immunization;

Recommended to do regular checkups with your GP doctor. Also, if you suspect that you have some illness, or you have some pains, uneasiness or any kind of discomfort, you can ask your GP for an advice or a diagnosis. GP are sometimes known as family doctors and they take care of entire families at a time. However, in the past, a GP wasn’t a specialization, but in the last few decades, it became one.

Health is a serious matter that needs to be looked after. Your GP will give you good advises for prevention, treatments, and things that you should look for if you suspect that something is not right. Also, a GP knows your medical history to some degree and they can sometimes see if a past illness is affecting your current condition.

You should be polite and hear what he has to say. Also, you can ask questions and talk about different things that you have read, heard or think that concern you. The GP is there to help you and you should be open and cooperative with him. He is interested in your well-being and there is a special patient doctor connection between you. The communication is key in setting a good diagnosis and the more information you provide them with, the better.

FAQ – a few helpful questions and answers.

We work with major medical institutions in Israel to get you the fastest possible appointments, usually within 24-48 hours.

We assist in handling of (international) insurance issues and we make sure the payment process goes smooth and with minimal bureaucratic hassle. In addition, we accept bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard and cash payment methods.

If you have the international health insurance – we will assist to handle the claim issues. In case you have not purchased international health insurance – only the method to cover the medical procedure or medical consultation is direct payment.

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