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With many years of experience, Vyou & MedEx comes to you with a new vision – to change vision exams as you know them.
We believe that the key to proper vision is much more than adjusting diopters, taking a reading and choosing a frame! We know that vision consists of many elements.

When was the last time you examined your vision?
Have you stopped for a moment to consider that vision tests performed today are almost identical to the tests performed decades ago?
How can that be? The needs of modern man have changed markedly since then!

Today, our visual needs are complex and diverse, we spend most of our time in front of screens of different sizes, at varying distances and with a myriad of light sources.
Our new environment challenges our vision in unprecedented ways.

The traditional tests result in a generic and imprecise visual solution, which can cause fatigue, headaches and strain your eyes.

Vyou & MedEx presents the first environmental vision exam. The adjustment of the process to each individual eliminates undesired side effects and results in accurate and high quality vision testing.

How does it Work? Our expert team of optometrists arrive to your home or workplace, and map all your vision needs.
The advanced test, performed using state of the art optical equipment, accurately tells us your optical story and learns your lifestyle to produce the best suiting prescription for your environment.

In other words, we consider your surroundings to provide you the best visual quality at any moment. Based on the conclusions of the examination, we will adapt the most appropriate solution to your needs – starting from optical glasses and lenses from the world’s leading manufacturers to advanced visual aids.
Now, you too can enjoy the world’s most advanced visual experience, anywhere and at any time.