Medical Assistance ServiceMedical Assistance Service
Our partner - Assuta Hospital

We are excited to announce that as a part of collaboration with the Assuta hospital a new project has been initiated. IntroducingAssuta Assistance”!

From now all your clients may not only enjoy the benefits of diagnostics and treatment in the best private Israeli clinic “Assuta”, but also receive services providing additional value:

– accompanying all of your clients to all diagnostics or medical treatment by our highly qualified and experienced coordinators

– simultaneous interpretation to English, French, Russian and other languages during the medical consultation or procedure

– translation of all medical and administrative documents into English

– fast-track queue booking to any medical specialists, diagnostic procedures and treatment – 24 to 48 hours

– home-visits and laboratory analyses at the place of residence (home or hotel)

– medical transportation and medical aviation evacuation

We would like to underline that the above-mentioned services significantly increase the degree of satisfaction of the insurance policy owner in general without any additional payments being applied. Our collaboration with Assuta allows us to offer the best service in the top end hospital without interfering with its price policy, and we guarantee that no additional fees will be demanded.

Our methods of collaboration with insurance companies are as effective as before – we use GOP system and Direct Payment as usual.


Our partner - Assuta Hospital
Introducing “Assuta Assistance”!