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To schedule an appointment with cardiologist within 24 – 48 hours, fill the request form or give us a call at +972 (0)3-337-4889. You can also visit our office and we’ll be happy to discuss in person how we can help you (see the map).

Cardiology is a medical branch that has its focus on the heart, along with some other features of the circulatory system. It is the cardiologist duty to diagnose and treat heart disorders as well as congenital heart defects, coronary heart disease, heart failure, valvular disorders and more.

It is a cardiologist’s duty to treat with the utmost professionalism and provide you with an accurate diagnosis or opinion regarding your health. At MedEx you’ll find the finest cardiologists in Israel who will professionally treat you. It is our duty to provide you the best institutions holding all the medical specialties required to perform surgical procedures, biopsies and more.

FAQ – a few helpful questions and answers.

You can make an appointment within 24-48 hours as we collaborate with all major medical institutions in Israel.

It is our obligation to assist you with all insurance issues, payment process bureaucracy and confirm that all goes smoothly. At MedEx we accept bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard, and cash payment methods.  

If you have international health insurance, we will assist you with handling claim issues. If you do not have international health insurance, the only way to cover medical consultations and procedures is by direct payment.

Listen to your heart 

The heart is one of the most important parts in the human body, responsible for the distribution of the blood in the circulatory system. Any change or irregular event concerning the heart can hazardous and even be fatal in several cases.  

When it comes to health issues that concern the heart it is very important to pay close attention, as heart problems could be fatal for men and women. It is very important to know the medical history of one’s family, as some heart diseases and conditions are hereditary. Furthermore, it is important to notify your family doctor about your familial history especially as people grow older and heart problems are more common.   

Sharing this information with one’s doctor becomes even more important when relocating to a new country with a different health system. Even if there is no history of heart conditions and problems in one’s family, to find a family doctor who will be responsible to diagnose properly the annual medical test, to make sure there are no unfortunate surprises.      

At MedEx, the leading medical assistant’s service, we are well aware of these things. Therefore, we collaborate with the leading medical institutes in Israel, assisting to create a direct connection to professional health services thought-out the country. Thanks to our experience we can assist facilitate your medical treatment. We give personal attention to each and every person as we walk them through the process with no extra cost. Our services cover all aspects of medical needs, from doctor appointments to medical labs and imaging. Our long history of helping people to improve their lives is the core of our reputation as a provider of high-quality medical treatment in Israel.       

We are here for you from the first call and we will be here for you every step along the way to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Our philosophy of care is to be there when needed above and beyond.