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The Israel Association for Medical Tourism (IMTA) is the first public and non-profit organisation to receive the state licence to promote the field of medical tourism in Israel.

The Association is a market supervisor and enhances the image of Israel’s health care abroad. The Association will ensure the appropriate level of patient care in all the member companies. The high level of health services, the qualified specialists and the top quality equipment have placed Israel among the most developed countries in the world. Thousands of foreign patients receive treatments in the Holy Land every year.

The Association has been founded by the most experienced companies providing the services of medical tourism. The companies were forced to unite for two main reasons: first, the growing competition on the market and second, the large number of non-professional agents who undermine the image of the Israeli health care system. Foreign nationals who arrive in Israel for treatments may fall victim to fraud and amateurs who try to make profit at the expense of other people’s diseases.

There have recently been multiple complaints about the poor medical services received by foreigners in Israel. The Association believes the behavior of certain agents and short-lived companies undermines the credibility of Israel as the world leader in health care and medical tourism. The Association will not only ensure the proper level of patient care but will also deal with the complaints about firms or individuals who provide poor service. Furthermore,the Association will supply legal support to the victims of fraudulent actions.

The member companies guarantee each of them will employ at least one qualified physician who has 10 or more year experience in the Israeli health care system. These experts will learn the medical history of the foreign patients and advise on the treatment that will be most effective. Every member company of the Association will receive its own serial number which will enable everyone to examine the company on the Association’s website.

According to the Charter of the Association, each member will strictly obey the regulations of the Patient Protection Law received by the Israeli parliament on 1 May 1996. The activities of the Association will be strictly controlled by the Board of Directors comprising experts, politicians and well-known public figures.

MedEx Medical Experts is a proud founding member of the association and dedicated to the IMTA charter, goals and standards. Find out more about IMTA on Official Website.