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About Us

We’re a medical assistance service company based in Tel Aviv, in the Center of Israel. We cooperate with leading medical institutions and thanks to our experience we can assist and facilitate your medical treatment. We fast-track your appointments and walk through the process at no extra cost to you.

Our Philosophy of Care

MedEx is proud of its long history of helping and ensuring that patients receive high-quality, medical treatment in Israel without having to wait.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to help improve the lives of many people in the most meaningful way possible: their health.

From the very first phone call, our team is there every step of the way to ensure that you have the best quality experience. From start to finish, from blood tests until surgery we will always be fully committed to you.

Our philosophy of care is to be there when needed, above and beyond.

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High standard of service

Our philosophy of care is to be there when needed, above and beyond.

We believe that a high standard of service leads to success.

High standards sets the foundation for success across all tiers of the organization.


We are always here to help you and assist with providing medical services.

Our team is capable of effectively managing medical cases and ensuring accessibility to any medical procedure.

Personalized service

Our experience shows that every patient has their particular needs. By understanding these  requirements, we customize our medical services to provide personalized care to ensure that each patient receives the attention and treatment necessary for their specific condition

Knowledge and Experience

We are the most experienced medical provider in Israel. Our knowledge and deep understanding of medical services give us a significant advantage.

We excel in delivering top-notch medical care and support tailored to meet your needs effectively.


We collaborate exclusively with experienced doctors and physicians in Israel, guaranteeing professional treatment the highest standard of care for our patients.


We collaborate with numerous international Health and Travel Insurance companies and can accept their guarantee of payment to cover your medical expenses..

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