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We are pleased to spread the news about a new initiative bringing more French Doctors and Medical Professionals to live and work in Israel.

As the Jerusalem Post and other news outlets report, the new initiative bringing French medical professionals and doctors to live and work in Israel is operated by Gvahim/Rashi Foundation in cooperation with AAEGE – the association of alumni of French-speaking academic institutes.

Medical professionals and doctors interested in living and working in Israel get to spend time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, getting acquainted with the local hospitals and medical institutions, meeting management and employees to look into job opportunities. Further ‘Medical Hebrew’ courses are offered and more.

The program is meant for immigrants in medical professions such as physicians, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and paramedical professionals. It offers assistance in the licensing process, placement support, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Private foundations and government officials have joined forces for the first time to assist the integration of French professionals in Israel’s healthcare sector and to address its urgent need for qualified professionals.

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